Ragged Elven Explorer & dabbler in the shadowed arts


Core Aspects
1. Overconfident Curiosity
2. Unnatural Elven Senses
3. Always a Calm Ragged Charm
4. Master of Weapons

Background Aspects
5. Dark Child of Nature
6. Called by the Blood
7. Surprisingly Well Informed
8. Bloody Angel of Death

Stunts (previous FATE3)
o Eyes of the Night (see in darkness)
o Natural Born Killer (+1 damage)
o Spell: Swarm of Bloody Thorns (requires blood, area effect)
o Effect: At One with Nature (protection from elements/natures fury)
o Stomach Anything

Stunts (new version FATE)
o (1) Eyes of the Night (see in darkness)
o (1) Stomach Anything
o (3) Dark Magic – ??
o (2) Refinement – ??

Skills (previous FATE3)
World Lore 1
Athletics +1
Rapport +1
Investigation +1
Intimidation +1
Science +2
Resolve +2
Streetwise/Contacting (
) 2
Occult +2
Melee Weapons +3
Alertness (
) 3
Nature’s Dark Magic (
) +4


Keywords & phrases:
cat-like curiosity & attention ; fighting boredom ; acting as needed ; on a whim ; attentive observer of everything ; seeks of knowledge & experiences ; misses nothing ; lover of any food & drink ; learning the old ways ; nature is bloody, terrible, awe-inspiring and always right ; cheerful in the face of adversity ; manic laughter in the face of death ; life and death are natural ; fully expects to live forever ; at one with natures filth & fury ; unexpectedly interested ; master of improvisation ;

Magic Keywords:
blood, thorns, ripping, tearing, growth, natures fury, bramble, whip, merging, pain, elements, nourishing, changing, twisting,

Rote Spells:
Rote: Swarm of Bloody Thorns (requires blood, area effect)
Rote: At One with Nature (protection from elements/natures fury)

goblin cleaver (large) sharp iron spikes: 5
well-made sabre goblin knives: 4
immaculate dark adamantine longsword (ever-sharp, cuts through anything)
elven bone skinning knife (very sharp)
enamelled wooden stoppered vials
small leather pack of scientific instruments (for poking, proding, measuring, etc)
small leather pack of elven weapon sharpening & maintenance tools
large vial of rhula’s blood


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