Rise of the Savage Runelords

01 - A new face in town...

1. Newcomer, Pagog, meets with the Fat Man in the Fatman’s Feedbag
a. He gets breakfast while discovering that his friend, Ameiko, is the landlady of the Rusty Dragon…

2. Logan meets with Ameiko…
a. She tells him she loves him
b. She complains of feeling unwell
c. He feels there is something she’s not saying…
d. She changes the subject and gets upset about the glassworks and the damn Mercantile League and their controlling ways…she hates the Scarnettis
e. She then asks Logan to speak with Rhula about the balance outstanding on Aldern’s account…some 25gp
f. Also she found some dried flayleaf in Aldern’s old room and wants to have words…again Logan is asked to speak to Rhula to make sure that drugs and the like do not come onto the premises again.
g. If Rhula won’t sort it out then a trip down the Aldern’s manor house may be on the cards…he lives a few hours down the coast and apparently is relatively regular in appearance in Sandpoint.

3. Drek meets with Silas
a. Silas has news, he has setup a meet with some contacts from Magnimar
b. These are dodgy merchants with excellent sea routes and channels available to them
c. Silas has sent a local heavy, Grayste Sevilla, to invite and then escort them to Sandpoint to look at the current setup and discuss business…but he ain’t been seen for a while
d. Silas has incurred some costs…to the tune of some 200gp…Silas insists that Drek is up for half this…Drek scrapes 50gp together but he’s stony broke now, he agrees to Silas financing the outstanding 50gp at a cost of 1% per day

4. Tia meets Father Zandus
a. He asks if she plans on moving on?
b. Turns out that he’d like her to stay longer and help grow the congregation…he’s not getting younger and needs to start lightening his workload

5. Nabob meets with Fat Man
a. The Fat Man wants to know what Nabob is planning on doing…there may be some work for him if the Fat Man has it right what with Naboo asking about certain jewelry and all that…
b. Fat Man gets Nabob to make friends with a new face in town to find out what he’s up to and the like. The new face is an orc mercenary by the name of Pagor.
c. Nabob takes Pagor up to the Rusty Dragon.

6. Nightthorn is bored…
a. He follows is usual routine and heads over to the Rusty Dragon for his usual freebie breakfast with the other ‘heroes’
7. Everyone turns up at the Rusty Dragon…
a. Pagor gets conned into stumping up for breakfast for everyone
b. Ameiko enthusiastically greets Pagor with a bug hug and kisses
c. Big commotion outside, a crowd is moving towards the river and gathering outside the sawmill.
d. A town guard appears and requests Logan, and the heroes, to come meet with Sherriff Hemlock…only Logan goes.

8. Logan meets Sherrif Hemlock
a. There was a double murder at the sawmill last night
i. One of the workers, Banny Harker, and a local girl Katrine Vinder
ii. Pretty horrific by all accounts
iii. Scene has been sealed, can Logan take a few people down and have a nose about?
b. There was a note at the scene which implicates Rhula
c. Hemlock is sure it’s a ruse but there’s possibly some connection with the Heroes
d. Katrine’s sister, Shaylis, is currently with Father Zandus…their father is in lock-up after kicking off violently when told about his daughter’s death…revealed a violent temper, Sherriff is no longer 100% sure about his innocence
e. Hemlock goes on to explain that a couple of murders isn’t that unusual except there was similarities with another gruesome multiple murder discovered a few days ago on the road from Magnimar…
f. The three bodies from that multiple murder are on ice down below…there was a survivor, a local thug called Grayste…but he appears to have gone mad…he’s been committed to the sanitarium just outside of town
g. A message comes in, Hemlock is requested to attend an emergency meeting with Titus Scarnetti and Mayor Deverin about the murders…it seems that Scarnetti wants to shut down the official investigation for some reason
h. Hemlock hypothesises, Scarnetti is the owner of the sawmill…he’s a dodgy one and may be hiding something…Logan is to get down there quick…take some back-up…if Scarnetti’s thugs try and stop him then deal with them, Hemlock has got his back…

9. Meanwhile, Tia can’t help herself and wanders down to the sawmill to see what’s going on…meets a jobsworth town guard, one of the new recruits called Rabbey…
a. He tries to move her on, hasn’t heard of her and is unimpressed by her hero status…seems in awe of Logan though
b. Tia senses she’s getting nowhere and hovers around…

Session ends…



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