Rise of the Savage Runelords

03 - Cold, dead merchants...

1. Heading to the garrison from the sawmill, Logan stopped off at the Rusty Dragon to grab his hammers. Ameiko wasn’t impressed with him skipping out at lunchtime.
2. At the garrison they were shown down to the morgue/cells underground…they saw Nabob and the Scarnetti thug before going into the morgue to look at the dead bodies
3. Investigating the bodies from the First Murder…
a. Apparently a patrol of guards on the Lost coast Road were assaulted by a madman near an abandoned barn south of the town, along the banks of the Cougar Creek
b. Madman was obviously insane and very sick too…the guards subbed him and shipped him down to the sanitarium, The Saintly Haven of Respite, south of town…into the care of the owner, Erin Habe.
c. The guards investigated the nearby barn and discovered three dead bodies.
d. Bodies were brought back to the morgue underneath the garrison
e. All three bodies showed signs of torture, with a very sharp, narrow implement
f. All three had the Sidhedron rune carved into their chests and their jawbones removed
g. Personal effects amounted to a letter of introduction, some gold pieces and some fine travelling clothes.
4. Interviewing Ibor Thorn…
a. He was in a holding cell below Sandpoint Garrison
b. Young, good looking but was still very much in shock
c. Apparently Harker had frequent midnight trysts with Katrine…plus her father didn’t know!
d. It seems that Banny was cooking the books and skimming nicely…Ibor told him not to be greedy but Banny couldn’t help himself
e. Ibor is scared, Scarnettis are ruthless..they’ve burnt down rival lumber mills and so he wouldn’t put it past them to have something to do with Banny’s death…Katrine was just unlucky…Ibor’s worried about any kind of retribution towards him when he gets released…
5. On the wagon…
a. Party grab a wagon and head down the coast to the sanitarium…



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