Rise of the Savage Runelords

02 - Murder at the sawmill...

1. Heroes head off down to the sawmill to investigate the grisly murders…

2. At the scene of the crime in the sawmill, they determine…
a. Victims are one of the workers, Banny Harker and a local girl Katrine Vinder
b. Discovered by a sawmill worker called Ibor Thorn
c. Guarding the crime scene is big burly Wulfhere, the steady Beorn, and a new guy, Rabbey.
d. Upon entering the mill, they noticed a strong smell of decay and rotting in the air
e. Katrine’s body was found sawn in half by a huge circular saw machine.
f. Her blood is splashed far and wide , all over the walls and ceiling
g. In her blood on the wall was smeared the word “Rhula” in 3’ high letters…implement to ‘write’ appears to have been a hand…
h. Nightthorn determined that the blood on the walls wasn’t just Katrine’s…it contained trace elements of undead blood..the taste of necrosis a foul tang left on his tongue
i. Nightthorn discovered an axe under Katrine’s corpse, seemingly a standard tool in a sawmill…this one had more undead blood smeared all over the blade and upper area of the haft…it seems likely that the axe was used to hit and inflict damage on the undead attacker
j. Rhula determined (but may not have shared?) that the undead taint was from a ghoul
k. At the far end of the sawmill, Banny’s body is hung up on hooks, his chest has the Sihedron rune carved into it.
l. Tia attended to the corpses and helped load them onto wagons to take to the church.
m. Nabob examined the tracks on the floor and discovered muddy footprints mingled in with the other shoe prints. Fairly obviously, judging by the copious amounts of blood spilled in the murder scene and the way the footprints play out in the sawdust, a fierce struggle took place in the mill recently
n. Nightthorn had a poke about outside and discovered a trail of footprints from the pier to the mill and back again, noting that they belong to a barefoot human man who appeared to have clambered up from the mud under the pier, crossed over to the mill, and then scaled the wall and in through a window.
o. Shortly into the crime scene investigation, three thugs pushed their way in and threatened violence if the heroes didn’t leave immediately…when asked, they confirmed they were sent by the owner of the sawmill who didn’t appreciate the interruption to business and the heroes poking their noses around…
p. It all kicked off, fists and clubs were the order of the day.
i. Pagog nut-shotted one thug before breaking the wrist of another.
ii. Logan wrestled with one thug, taking advantage of the distraction caused by Rhula throwing sawdust in his face.
iii. The leader of the thugs took a huge shot and he stumbled back out the door into the yard out the front of the sawmill…the crowd oohed and ahhed
iv. Nabob sprung forward and stabbed the leader in the throat in front of everyone.
v. Tia dived onto the dying man’s body and calling power from her god, prevented his death…for now…
vi. Nabob went back into the sawmill and stood over the thug holding his tackle…mere moments passed before he opened the thug’s throat and he died instantly. Tia tried to save him but to no avail.
vii. The remaining thug with the broken wrist surrendered.
q. Logan confronted Nabob, clearly not impressed with the quickness to murder…

Session ends with Nabob and the broken wrist thug being carted off to the cells…Tia and Rhula heading off to the church with the bodies of the victims and the near-dying thug leader.

XP: Nightthorn, Nabob, Logan, Tia, Rhula and Pagog all gain 1 skill point…to be spent on a skill relevant to the events of the last session or two

FP: +1 FP for the bad guys ’cos the GM wrote the session notes up again :)



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